Dining Experience

Embark on a personal culinary experience, where the best of a Brazilian steakhouse meets an abundant selection of international flavors.

ZED451 is Chicago’s Brazilian steakhouse, where chefs bring a wide selection of fire-grilled fare and hand-carved rotisserie directly to your table, allowing you to taste the season’s freshest picks at your own pace.

Use the river stone at your place setting to create your own dining experience – place the stone in front of your plate to signal you’re hungry for more, then put it on the tray when your appetite is satisfied. Walk up to our signature Harvest Table to choose your own portions from unlimited samplings of fresh sides, salads, soups, and charcuterie.

Dine in the comfort of our sleek main dining room for the full experience, or enjoy lighter bites in our bar, lounge, or rooftop terrace surrounded by sky-high views of the Chicago cityscape.

Whether you’re looking to sample a few favorites, indulge in a full-course dinner or relish our house-infused specialty cocktails, you can travel the world without leaving your table.


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